Glims: Inquisitor Killer?

The last few days I've been running a beta of Glims. It is a new application that adds Inquisitor like functionality to your search bar and then some. First, Glims gives you the familiar "Top 3 Dropdown" that we get with Inquisitor.

Glims 1.png

Additionally, however, it gives you a drop down on the search bar that lets you choose your search engine. I find this added feature very convenient.

Glims 2.png

That is not everything though. Glims adds quite a bit of additional functionality including:

* Adds thumbnails to search results
* Adds thumbnails to search results
* Adds search engines to the default Google search tab
* Adds full-screen browsing capability
* Adds Favicons to tab labels
* Undo "Close Tab" (cmd-z)
* Re-opens last session when Safari starts
* Auto-Close download window
* Type-ahead support (auto cmd-f)
* Sets the focus on the search field when opening a new window
* Adds Amazon's information banner on search results
* Adds Amazon's information banner on search results
* Adds a "Max Window Size" menu item to resize the Safari window

Glims 4.jpg

So far I'm really liking it. If you are feeling dangerous and want to play with Beta software, give it a spin yourself.

iPhone and Web Bookmarklets

iPhone 2

Well I learned something new today. These funny little bookmarks that run like mini applications on your Mac and iPhone. LifeClever wrote up a really nice collection of them right here.

Using these "bookmarklets" you can cut out several steps from your typical web search. I particularly like the thesaurus, google images, and wikipedia bookmarklets.

When you really want to geek out, try YubNub which allows you to access a variety of search engines. I tried to figure out how to link the bookmarklets but must admit that I'm clueless so follow the above link over to LifeClever and drag them up to your bookmarks. I made a separate folder of iPhone applications and several of these found their way in but I also find them very useful when at my Mac.