iPhone Nano?

iphone nano?.png

The interwebs are all abuzz this afternoon based on the above photos of a case for the alleged iPhone Nano. I think all of this stuff should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless, expect many more rumors in the next two weeks.

On the subject of rumors, if you do want to play the game, I'd recommend following the MacRumors website. Arnold does a good job of pointing out fact from fiction.

Snow Leopard is Still A Cub


AppleInsider ran an article explaining Snow Leopard still needs a bit of work under the hood.

Although there's been some evidence to suggest Snow Leopard could hit the market several months ahead of expectations, new information reveals that Apple remains heavily engaged in building out some of the features first previewed back in June.

There were some rumors that it could release as early as January 2009 but I always considered that unrealistic. When it comes to OS software, I'll take quality over speed every day.

Colored MacBooks?


Tomorrow morning is the big announcement for the new MacBooks and some sites are now reading the tea leaves to predict colored MacBooks. On a certain level this makes sense with the recent excitement over the new iPod Nano colors. I could almost see them doing something like this with laptops. I know a few people for whom color would make a difference. Time will tell.

October 14 Apple Event - New Notebooks

New macbook case.png

The fact that Apple is updating its notebook lines appears to be the worse kept secret in technology. People were talking about an October 14 event last month and some websites already claim to have pictures of the new cases. There is even a lot of discussion about a new manufacturing process where the new MacBooks will be carved out of a single piece of aluminum* which should make them stronger.

Today Apple sent the official invite out for an event on October 14, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. where they intend to put the "spotlight on notebooks." I'm set on computers for some time but a friend has been seeking my advice on a new MacBook and I've been telling her to hold off.

I routinely ridicule people for making wild speculation of new Apple products but that never stops me from doing it myself, so here goes:

* All of the MacBooks (Pros, standard, and Air) will now be aluminum. There will be no more plastic laptops;

* All of the MacBooks will feature the LED screen probably standard or, at least, as an option;

* Despite speculation, there will remain to be Pros, Airs, and standard MacBooks.

I would love to see the prices drop to have one model at $999, but I seriously doubt it will. Apple has never been a company to play the margin game. I think they are more likely to say, "Hey they are so much better and still the same price!"

What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

* Am I the only person that wishes I could say the word "aluminum" with a British accent? Maybe Don McAllister should screencast THAT.

.Mac Push Syncing


The rumor mill has been working overtime lately with respect to Apple's .Mac service. In my experience this has been one of the most controversial Apple products in the last few years. Some people swear by it while others seem to hate it. For my part, I find it very useful but probably overpriced. Of particular note are the recent rumors that with the iPhone 2.0 software, .Mac is going to start pushing email, calendar and contact data to our iPhones. I don't like to get hung up on rumors but let me just go on record to say that is something I've been lusting after for some time now. I generally sync my iPhone to the MacBook Pro but that usually stays at my desk at home while the MacBook Air follows me around during the week. Even though my calendars are synced (via BusySync) and contacts are synced via .Mac, if I sync the calendar and contact data on the iPhone on both Macs, inevitably things start hiccuping. I would much prefer that stuff (which are very small data packets) just show up on my phone and forego that type of wired syncing altogether.

This would also be fantastic for families and small businesses that don't need an Enterprise but still need the convenience of push syncing. I'm crossing my fingers that this rumor comes true.