vintage mac

Return of the Moose

Moose 1.png

There used to be an application on our vintage Macs that we all used. It served no real purpose, frequently caused system crashes, and was completely irresistible. I'm referring to the Talking Moose. I didn't realize until recently that the Moose still exists in OS X. It is a lot of fun and nostalgic having the Moose return to randomly crack jokes and insult me. I won't be running the Moose everyday but sometimes, there is no substitute.

Moose 2.png

The SE/30 Workhorse

MacMommy twittered today about this excellent article where James Wages explains how useful his SE/30 is to him. He uses it to write, play games, and surf the web. That is right ... surf the web even though the web didn't exist when this machine was manufactured. This is particularly exciting to me since, thanks to the generosity of a reader, I'm about to come into possession of my very own SE/30. More on that to come.

Vintage Mac Sickness

mac512 400.jpg

Lately, I've come down with the vintage Mac bug. "Back in the day", I first started using the original toaster style Macs. I then made a regrettable side turn into PCs before being able to return to the fold. The thing is, I still miss my old 512k Mac. The one with the tortoise and the hare preferences. The one that said "hello" to me when I turned it on.

I realize that this sickness is purely nostalgic. My "underpowered" MacBook Air can do more computing than an entire room full of networked vintage macs. Nevertheless, I've now caught myself several times haunting the vintage Mac sales on ebay and watched several very familiar looking old Macs sell in the $50-$100 price range. A part of me wants to buy one of these really badly. The problem is, I have no clue what on earth I'd do with it. I certainly don't have space in my home office for another computer and I have no idea how anything I would write on a 20 year old computer could even get onto my current rig. Frankly, I'm afraid to ask if anybody does use these old machines productively because I suspect it would just enable me. As things currently stand, every time I get tempted, common sense seems to take over. Does anybody else have Vintage Mac Sickness?