WWDC Revisited and Shots

I sat down over the weekend and watched the keynote video. I also read a lot more of the reviews and media coverage of the keynote and have thought a bit more about it. I think the pundits (myself included) are missing the point. Granted most of the people reading this Blog have already figured out how to make a download folder or discovered great Tiger Applications like Path Finder to give us much of the promised future Leopard features. However, there are many Mac users, my daughter and wife among them, who will not do any of that stuff until Apple hands it to them, through OS X, on a silver platter.  At that point we geeky folks will figure out some new hack to make it even more functional.

The other thing that occurred to me is that the next time Steve Jobs gives a keynote, I'm going to have a drinking game where you take a shot every time he says the word "cool".

What the heck is ZFS !?…


The internet is hot with rumors about Leopard and ZFS. Apparently some mucky-muck at Sun Microsystems disclosed that the ZFS file system will be the primary file system in Leopard. I guess it is not as big of a secret as everyone was initially saying however since I'm hearing the alpha/beta testers of Leopard have been saying for some time its already in the build. Regardless, all this speculation led me to the question of what, exactly, is ZFS? I read the Wiki article here and it helped a little bit for my non-tech brain but then I really got a handle on it when listening (as a complete coincidence) to the Macbreak Tech podcast where it was explained along with a few chuckles. I'd give you a link but Macbreak Tech is very new and I can't seem to find one. Just do a podcast search in the iTunes store and you are set. Now if you want me to explain what I understand of ZFS, that just isn't going to happen. Monkeys shouldn't do brain surgery and I shouldn't attempt to explain ZFS.