Christmas Card List Geekery

512 Address Book Leopard.jpg

In addition to trying to finish my next screencast, I've been helping my wife get our Christmas cards done. One such task has been getting the address list together. For this I generally use Address Book. This year my wife had a word table with some new addresses and friends for inclusion on "the list." In order to make getting this data into AddressBook, I used Pages to convert the table to text and then I emailed the the list to myself in the body of an email. I then used Mail.App's quick entry to add them into the AddressBook database.

I then simply went through and added an entry for "Holiday Card" on all of our friends and family.

Holiday Card.png

Once that was done, I made a smart group that included a search for Holiday Card.

Holiday Smart Group.png

Finally, I set it up to print on Avery labels and Christmas was saved.