MacSparky’s Favorite iPhone Applications


I have been collecting an eclectic mix of web based applications on my shiny new iPhone and I thought I'd share a few here:


I realize the terms "cheap" and "gas" have become mutually exclusive. Regardless, GasApp is great. Works fine on an edge network and finds you the least expensive gas in town. The google map integration is a nice touch.

One Trip

This was my first iPhone app and still one of my favorites. An excellent shopping list web app. It looks very nice but still manageable on the Edge in the vegetable section of my supermarket

iPhone Digg

I never really "got it" with Digg but sitting on the couch thumbing through it on my iPhone is a whole new story.


This is a great newspaper mashup organized like a newsstand. Not all that Edge friendly but still very nice over tea.


The weather widget is perfectly fine for most of my needs. But if I really want to geek out on weather, I go here.


This looks to be the most interesting of the bunch. I can't really recommend it since I haven't had a chance to try it yet but it is supposed to be able to allow you to remotely access and control your Mac from your iPhone. This should allow you to do things like remotely control iTunes, run applescripts, or access your iSight camera. I'm a little concerned about the security of it all but I'm going to be looking into it soon.

There are so many new ones being posted every day I am sure this list will get revised over time. As an aside, I organize these by a seperate tab "iPhone" applications. Please drop me an email or comment as to your favorite iPhone applications.