MacBreak Tech Podcast … UberGeeky, UberFun


This past weekend I built a new shed in my backyard. Now this wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do on one of the hottest weekends this year in Orange County but nonetheless there I was handling sheets of hot steel, balancing the drill, and generally doing a series of unsafe acts at the top of my ladder. There was a ray of sunshine though. I downloaded the latest MacBreak Tech podcast where John and the gang talked about maximizing the use of the Finder. This podcast is excellent for the geeks among us. There was so much good information I actually listened to it twice. The common sense advice included a discussion of using the bar on the side instead of the bottom to save valuable laptop pixels, the different paradigms for file organization and other techy topics that kept my mind off the heat. If you haven't already, you should add MacBreak Tech to your iPod.