I must admit I've never really jumped on the twitter bandwagon. I set up an account, "macsparky", and logged in a few times but most of the stuff I do during the day is for clients and confidential and I don't think anyone really cares whether I ate grape nuts or granola for breakfast so I've never really got it.

Since I'm going to be in Macworld next week I'm thinking now is the time to get a bit more serious about Twitter since folks seem to use it to communicate a lot in those big halls. After doing a bit of interweb research I've installed Twitterific on my Mac and set up on my iPhone.

I have also managed to track down several of my friends and favorite Mac gurus and added them to my Twitter feed. I even found a specific feed set up by the Macworld folks .. or perhaps someone pretending the to be the Macworld folks.

Now that I'm more or less set up I'd like to solicit advice as to how in the heck to use this technology. Drop me an email or post a comment if you are a Twitter expert.