What Next Apple?


So we've had a few days and the reality distortion field is breaking up. People seem to be generally excited about the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The one major complaint I've heard is the removal of firewire from the MacBooks. I can appreciate this complaint but also must admit I don't miss firewire on my MacBook Air at all. If I were to try and hook it up to my video camera and it was my only Mac however, I'd have two bags of hurt.

So I'm already now hearing people ask what Apple will possibly bring to Macworld. They've already released new iPods, new laptops, and they just updated the iMac design last year. So what is left? I've got no clue but I'm still burning a candle for the tablet device I asked for last year. Tim Robertson wrote an excellent article summarizing the last few Macworld announcements here. What do you think Steve will pull out of his bag of tricks this year?