Selling the MacBook Pro

Funny how these ideas develop. It has been bugging me that since I got the MacBook Air, I never seem to take my MacBook Pro off my desk. I've slowly come to the realization that an iMac would be much better suited to the way I am using the MacBook Pro. As a result, I'm toying with the idea of selling my MacBook Pro. It has the following specs:

* 17" MacBook Pro (circa April 2008)
* 2.6 ghz
* 4 gig Ram
* 320 Gig HD
* AppleCare through April 2011
* I'll also include a Rain Stand, case, and extra power supply.

This is the current MacBook Pro but I'm sure it will be replaced with the new model shortly. If any readers are interested, I'm selling it for $2,200 plus shipping. I'm not sure if I am being silly switching to an iMac but I'm going to put it up and let fate decide.

********* Update ********

I actually had a guy call me and offer my asking price but in the end I got cold feet. When the MacBook Pro needs to be replaced in a few years, I'll probably do so with a desktop machine but for now I'm going to stick with it. Thanks everyone for the ideas and notes.