The New MacBook Air

MacBook Air.jpg

Okay. I am weak. It started as a small nugget of an idea at Macworld and germinated slowly. The middle part is foggy but tonight I find myself on my couch setting up a MacBook Air (the HD version) and not exactly sure how it all happened. I guess Apple has that effect on people.

Anyway, the MacBook Air is entirely unable to do about 30% of my computing (video, music, and a few other things) and perfect for the other 70%, especially the lawyer side of things like Scrivener, Keynote, the Omni applications and other things work related. It is so thin on the edge that I think I could shave with it.

Anyway, I'm just getting set up and will be reporting back as I get deeper into it. One nugget of information: I have an external USB DVD player that is about 3 years old. I plugged it in to the Air and it recognized it without problem. It is not as pretty as the Apple external drive, but it gets the job done. Looking through my pile of software the only three disks that need to be installed are iWork, Office, and the Airport Utility. Stay tuned!