MacSparky One Year Blogaversary


It was a year ago that I had this crazy idea to start a Mac blog and posted my first entry to MacSparky in all of its iWeb splendor. Since that time, the site has moved to wordpress, and now its own server. There are some interesting stats for the first year.

* Roughly 80,000 hits;
* 384 Posts;
* Over 500 Comments.

It really is amazing considering that I only had 300 hits in the first two months and now it is extremely rare for me to get less than 300 hits in a single day. In the overall scheme of the Interweb, I'm barely a blip on the radar but I still can't help but be impressed.

Now all those clicks really are amazing but by far the best part of MacSparky has been all of the new friendships I've made. Between readers, other bloggers and podcasters, developers and other folks in the Mac-o-sphere, I've made countless new friends and shared many laughs and good times. I'll never forget that first day at MacWorld when some random stranger looked at my pass and his face lit up and he shook my hand, "Hey Macsparky! I read you all the time." My ego was so inflated, it took considerable effort to get my head through the Moskone Center doors.

So it has already been a year and I look forward to many more. For me, the blogging, podcasting, and screencasting has been a great way to unwind from the day job and truly a joy. Thank you all for reading, watching, teasing, laughing, and joining in the first year of MacSparkky.