New iCal Enhancement: Today


Second Gear released a new application called "Today". This one is for those iCal users envious of the Entourage "My Day" application bar. For comparison you can see the similarities below:

Entourage My Day

my day.png


Today screenshot.jpg

I have limited experience with both applications but as an initial opinion, I think Today looks better but Entourage is more functional. I'd like to see Second Gear get Today off my dock and into the menu bar.  It would be nice if I checked the preferences closer before complaining about a missing feature that is actually there.  Furthermore, rather than scrolling side to side, I'd prefer you to be able to wheel down to subsequent days like we do on our iPhones. Regardless, I seriously doubt many people are going to choose a side in the Entourage vs iCal/Mail debate simply based on the daily summary application. I'm just glad the iCal folks who are looking for this now have an option. I may do a more in depth review later but for now, you can download a free trial of Today from the developer and a license runs $15.