I Think Windows Hates Me


After watching all the hubub about the new VMWare Fusion, I decided it was time to give VMWare a spin. I've been using Parallels since it first hit the streets and I hadn't bothered with VMWare because for the very few applications I need windows, Parallels works just fine.

But I thought it was time to look at the competition. I actually planned to write a comparative review of the two applications. So I've been struggling with getting it working. The Parallels converter failed on me so I tried a fresh install. The first one stopped in the middle because windows said some obscure file didn't copy. I tried again and it finished but the first time I booted it up, Windows informs me my license code has been registered too many times and I need to buy another copy of windows. Just to be clear, I bought this copy of windows for Parallels. I've used it a total of one time. So now I have to choose between spending more money on a windows license or becoming a pirate and going to find a cracked license code. Actually, I'm leaning toward a third option and just sticking with Parallels.

Windows license.jpg

I'm sure VMWare is an excellent program but if I had to choose between spending another hour trying to get Windows to work or sticking my hand in an electric socket, a little shock doesn't seem like such a bad idea. There was a reason I switched.