Pining Away for MobileMe


Am I the only one that thinks about MobileMe every time I have to sync my iPhone to add an appointment? It is funny how this works. I've been wire syncing contacts and appointments for a year now without really complaining much. However, since Apple demonstrated the MobileMe service last week, I get peeved every time I have to stop and sync by wire. My appointments are constantly in flux and the wireless immediate syncing I saw last week will be very useful. It is like smelling a delicious pizza only to have the box slammed on your finger and you're told you can't eat it for another month. Ugg. While Apple said this will release "early July", I think that means July 11 but I sure hope I'm wrong. The sooner the better. Am I alone on this?

I thought about this more. If MobileMe requires the iPhone 2.0 software to do its sync magic, doesn't that mean there is no way on God's green earth this will come out before July 11?