.Mac Mail Down and MobileMe Wishes


It is probably no surprise to any regular .Mac IMAP mail users that the service has been down most of the day. Thankfully you can access your .Mac mail account via the web but even that service has been spotty (probably as a result of increased traffic). It has been widely speculated that Apple is about to rebrand .Mac as MobileMe and increase the services available. A week from today is the WWDC Keynote so it sort of makes sense. Could this be the beginning of the MobileMe switch? I sure hope so. Being without my IMAP for a day (at least) is a pain.

Speaking of all the speculation over .Mac, I'm a happy user of the current incarnation. Syncing data between the multiple macs in my life is generally pretty easy (except when .Mac hiccups on me). Likewise the easy web pages and storage are also of use to me. I keep a family website and frequently send large files using my .Mac space as a host with FileChute (which I reviewed here). Finally, "Back to My Mac" has saved my bacon more than once when I left a file at home.

This being said, if someone put me in charge of upgrading .Mac (or MobileMe) would take this farther. Just a few of my flights of fancy:

* Push Sync to the iPhone calendars, addressses, and email. This wish is actually expected by several pundits;

* Build in something like SugarSync. In essence an iDisk that actively updates and works with specific local files on your system;

* Give me something like "Back to My Mac" but accessible from my iPhone. Also put hooks into it so I can control iTunes and TV;

* Make it bigger and cheaper;

* Make it faster ... please!

What are your ideas to beef up .Mac? Sound off in the comments.