Launch Day Check In

I've had my head under water the last few days with some deadlines at the day job so I thought I'd check in with the MacSparky faithful with a couple of observations.

iPhone 2.0 - YES

I did the manual install that was widely publicized yesterday. The App Store is everything I though it would be and then some. I've downloaded a ton of free applications. My favorite two free ones so far are Urbanspoon (it is so satisfying shaking your phone and having it tell you where to eat) and Lightsaber (because .. well ... its a LIGHTSABER!).

I've also bought a few apps. I have OmniFocus running (review in the future) but am also loving the MLB application and Band. Now if we could just sort out the issue of that pesky bluetooth keyboard.

iPhone 3g Launch Woes

I, along with most of the interweb, predicted AT&T's painful signup procedures would be a problem and it looks like that is coming true. For those of you going through it, at least rest easy knowing at some point in the next few days, your phone will be faster than my phone.


My biggest disappointment is the problems getting MobileMe off the ground. It has been generally non-existent and, when briefly available, extremely slow. I think MobileMe holds great promise but Apple needs to give it sufficient server backbone to make it snappy AND reliable. I'm withholding judgment on this one a few more days to see if they get it sorted out.