iPhone Satisfaction

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Today AppleInsider reports on a 99% satisfaction rate with the iPhone 3gs. I am not surprised. My new phone has been fantastic. The increased speed is great for games and even better for OmniFocus. Likewise there are a lot of other small tweaks that demonstrate Apple is trying to refine and perfect the product.

I know Apple has taken a beating over the App Store lately. I really took offense to the Ninja Words dictionary modifications. However, looking at the above numbers just reminds me that so much of these complaints are merely the ramblings of the digirati. I think even Apple now agrees the App Store needs work but how many "normal" iPhone users even know that Google Voice exists? I simply don't see a mass exodus of iPhone developers. There are too many devices sold and too much money to make.

Perhaps even more important, Apple needs to rethink its carrier relationship. Never again should it be at the mercy of a carrier with unreasonable demands and inadequate networks. I see the failings of AT&T as the single largest vulnerability to the iPhone. The good news is there are some very smart people at Apple even more intensely aware of this than I.

Regardless, with customer satisfaction of 99%, I don't think the sky is falling just yet.