Send to OmniFocus with E-Mail 2.0

One of my only complaints in the iPad OmniFocus review was its inability to process an e-mail inbox as easily as the Mac OS X version does. This is a limitation of the current iteration of iOS. I posted recently about using a mail rule to get around this. Today the Omni Group made this even easier unveiling the Send to OmniFocus Service. Using this new feature you can take any mail message and forward it to For this purpose I created a new contact in Address Book called OmniFocus with the magic e-mail address so this will be easier from the iPad and iPhone.

The Omni elves will then apply their secret sauce to your e-mail and send it straight back to the originating e-mail address. The returned mail will have a Send to OmniFocus button that, when pushed, opens a new inbox item in OmniFocus with the message subject as the task title and the message content as the task note.

This works great for adding tasks from an iOS device or (gasp) Microsoft Outlook on your work PC. This works nearly as well as Omni’s Clip-O-Tron 3000, which also embeds a link to the original e-mail in the task so you can call it back up with one click.

While not perfect, this solution certainly lowers the barrier of entry for getting tasks into OmniFocus. I’m looking forward to see where Omni goes with this next.