Mac Power Users - Workflows with Merlin Mann

Katie and I have been thrilled with the success of the Mac Power Users podcast. With the new year we began talking about ways to improve upon the podcast. One common theme in the show feedback is how much people like hearing about our workflows so I got thinking why stop with Katie and I? We decided to start doing shows where we feature some other Mac Power Users. One of my tasks at Macworld this year was to seek out some interesting people for such shows.

During Macworld, I had the pleasure of meeting Merlin Mann. Merlin and I share a lot of similar neurosis and immediately hit it off. He was extremely gracious and when I asked him if he would be interested in doing one of our “Workflows” episodes, he immediately jumped on it.

We recorded the show last week and it quickly digressed into a drunken bash of power tips, workflows, and ideas. If Katie hadn’t been there to occasionally push us along, we’d probably still be recording. This will be a great episode to listen to in front of your Mac since the application recommendations run fast and furious. You can access it in iTunes here but also will probably need the show notes here.

The idea is to run one of these episodes every two or three months. Let us know what you think.