Initial Impression: Dragon Dictate for Mac

I just spent the day working with Dragon Dictate for Mac, the successor to MacSpeech Dictate. My initial impressions are all positive.

  • Implementation of the Dragon engine version 11 is fantastic. This thing is fast, really fast.
  • The commands are much more intuitive. They are also are consistent with Dragon Dictate on the PC.
  • You can now use multiple microphones on the same profile. While this isn’t a big deal for everyone, it is for me.

Dragon Dictate for Mac still trails behind the PC version but the gap is narrowing. It makes no sense anymore to load a Windows virtual machine to run Dragon Dictate for Windows. If you need to dictate to a Mac, just get Dragon Dictate for Mac. I’ll do an in depth review later but for now, if you already use MacSpeech Dictate, the $50 upgrade is a no brainer.