64 Gigs

There appears a consensus that buying yourself a 64 gigabyte iPad tomorrow is not a very smart move. You can alway slim your library and the additional price for that extra flash memory seems pretty steep. Bucking popular opinion, I can think of two good reasons to go with the big one:

1. Vacation Media

Every time I go out of town for fun, I just bring the iPad. It has to hold all the media to please all of the various factions of my family: everything from applescript screencasts (yes, I am a nerd.) to Pixar films. That gobbles up disk space. Moreover, the iPad also becomes my picture and movie clip depository. Every night, I plug in the SLR and empty the card full of memory hogging RAW photos and all the movies off my iPhone. On vacations, the extra memory gets handy, quick.

2. “You Can Never Have too Much Memory”

This was told to me in 1981 when I got my hands on my first Tandy Color Computer (with 4k RAM!) and it has never stopped being true.

Despite the above, I’m still leaning toward the 32