Task Management and Your Calendar

In relation to my OmniFocus talks and screencasts, I often get questions and e-mails about how I incorporate my calendar events.

I don’t.

In my mind, calendar events and task items are two separate and distinct things. Put simply, tasks are things I need to do and calendar items are places I need to be. The only overlap is when I have tasks relating to a calendar event. For example, if I have a meeting with you tomorrow at 10 AM to finalize plans for a death ray we are building together, I will have some tasks in OmniFocus to prepare materials and designs in advance. (Since these items would need to be done before we met, they are excellent candidates for a due date.)

In contrast, if I have an appointment with my optometrist to get fitted for a monocle, there are no related tasks and it would not appear anywhere in OmniFocus.

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