Home Screens - Darren Rolfe

Darren Rolfe (Twitter) is the genius behind the MacSparky and original Mac Power Users logo. I’ve known Darren for years and consider him a friend. (Darren also loves his daughter, Ella, very much.) In addition to his amazing graphic design work, Darren pens his own online comic, The Mighty Monocle. So Darren, show us your home screen.

What are your most interesting home screen apps?

I think Planetary is the one of the most interesting, original and beautifully simple apps I’ve seen yet. It was a gift from a fellow iPad owner. The best way to describe it, is that it’s an intergalactic visualisation of your iTunes music library. You need to see it, to believe it!

Sketchbook Pro is also an interesting and extremely powerful app. I’m still adjusting to using the iPad for drawing. For my web comic I still use traditional ink and paper and I doubt if that will ever change. But, I want to be able to try and sketch rough panels/ideas on my iPad when I’m commuting. 

What is your favorite app?

Well I’m fairly new to this new-fangled iPad shenanigans. But so far, my favourite is the BBC iPlayer (UK only) app for the iPad. It gives you access to the some of the latest and greatest BBC television and radio shows. 

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t think any of my apps are “guilty pleasures”. However, I did push the boat out and blow the budget on the case for my iPad. I opted for the DODO case. They’re hand-crafted in San Francisco with traditional book-binding techniques. Essentially it’s a moleskine outer cover with a precision cut bamboo inlay. I love it!

What is the app you are still missing?

Alas, I can’t think of one. Which frustrates me immensely! I could be rich… Mu, ha, ha, mu, ha, ha!

How many times a day do you use your iPad?

All the time! I usually take it with me on my commute. Later, when I get home it is always being used by someone in the house. Me, my wife or my 6 year old daughter. 

What is your favorite feature of the iPad?

The sheer versatility of the device. As I mentioned I’ve only recently jumped on the iPad bandwagon. But now I have, I truly had a “lightbulb switching on” moment when I started to use it. What can’t you do with it? 

If you were in charge at Apple, what would you add or change?


I don’t know how? Buy Adobe or develop something else I don’t care, just make it happen. 

Secondly, I’d create a “Long Term Loyalty to Apple Award” for all those people who stuck with Apple through those dark, dark days back in the late 80’s. Me included! Perhaps, something along the lines of a gold-plated SE?

Anything else you’d like to share?

You can find my web comic “Mighty Monocle” at www.mightymonocle.com. It currently updates once a week. 

One last thing… The background wallpaper for my iPad home screen was designed for me by my daughter using Granimator for the iPad. Granimator is another fantastic FREE app that combines music with these surreal pieces of artwork!

Thanks Darren.

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