The New Logo

I've made an effort the last year to take a lot of the noise out this website. I am a big fan of simple web pages and I've been making a conscious effort to remove all bits of whack-a-mole that I can. I've got a few advantages most websites don't have in this process.

  1. It's a one man shop. I am the CEO and the broom pusher so no committees.

  2. I'm an iterative fellow. I don't mind making lots of little tweaks.

  3. I've got no ego about this. I'm perfectly willing to change direction when I realize I've gone astray.

In the process I've come to realize how inept I really am at this. I'm still working on typography and the growing "More" button is starting to smell like cheese.

But about logos…

When I first started MacSparky, I made my own logo. These were the days when the site traffic could be measured with fingers and toes. I'm pretty sure it was the worst logo in the history of the Internet. I had it up for about two weeks before even I, its tortured creator, couldn't look at it anymore. It was so bad that I really thought about leaving it out of this post. My only question now is, will you still respect me in the morning?

                                     Worst. Logo. Ever.

                                     Worst. Logo. Ever.

After the above "experimtal phase", I ran the site for a long time without a logo. Then one day, Darren Rolfe, a super-talented gent from the UK, made and the logo I used for years. (Darren also helped me with the Paperless cover.) Darren also, by the way, publishes an excellent (and very English) web comic, The Mighty Monocle that you should go read. I removed the logo as I updated the site.


A few weeks ago, I was fiddling around with a simple lightning bolt for a new logo when a very talented designer, Ricardo Melo sent me some unsolicited ideas. Ricardo's work fits perfectly with the aesthetic I'm shooting for. So here it is, the official new logo. I love the Internet. Thanks Ricardo.