Productive Macs Bundle

As you may have figured out, I'm a bit of a productivity software junkie. As a result, I'm always interested the the Productive Macs Bundle. The latest iteration looks pretty good with nine productivity applications, which total $245 sold for $29.99, an 88% discount from their original price.

All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations.

They include:

Crossover - A very clever app that lets you run some Windows apps on your Mac without Windows. I've used it and it works. This is especially helpful if you need to save SSD space but need a supported Windows app.

Paperless - A paperless library and organizer app.

ArtText - This seems like a toy but can be useful, especially in presentation work.

Chronicle - Pay bills? You need Chronicle!

A Better Finder Rename - The Ultimate File Renamer.

Espionage - Encrypt files and then use them directly in Finder. 

Gemini - The duplicate finder I was clueless about until recently and now love.

Cashculator - Finance Planning and tracking. 

Dropzone - Drag, Drop and Upload files effortlessly.

If any one of the apps looks interesting, it's worth spending $30 to get them all. I'm in. Also, if you buy it through this link I get a little kick back. Who doesn't like a little kick back?