Sponsor: Rocket Matter

This week MacSparky.com is sponsored by Rocket Matter. Rocket Matter is a fantastic cloud-based solution for running a law practice. You set up an account and log in and get back to work. You don't need to buy your own server. You don't need to install local updates. You just work and let Rocket Matter do all that back-end stuff for you. Rocket Matter continues to grow with some great features like billing, document storage, calendaring, and more. They even have an iPhone app that lets you accesses and manipulate all of your data.

But there is more! This week there's a free white paper about billing. If you pay for your shoes by the billable hour (even if you're not a lawyer), this is worth checking out. Go download the white paper, Houston, We Have a Problem.

Rocket Matter did some great work on this and it includes the below info graphic that I thought worth sharing. Thanks to Rocket Matter for sponsoring MacSparky.