Sponsor: Rocket Matter

This week I'd like to thank Rocket Matter for sponsoring MacSparky.com. This week Rocket Matter is giving away a free ebook, 60 Apps Every Lawyer Needs to KnowThe book has some great app recommendations for anyone that works in a profession where their time is their stock-in-trade.

Rocket Matter is the innovative leader in cloud-based legal services. If you run or work in a law firm and you are tired of dealing with all of the hassles, go check out Rocket Matter that gives you calendaring, document management, billing, task management, and all the other bits it takes to practice law in one gorgeously designed web interface and a really spiffy iPhone application.

Rocket Matter just keeps getting better. Most recently they premiered their Pon Farr release, which includes evergreen retainers. Evergreen retainers are a big deal for law firms these days and now Rocket Matter has got it covered. They've also sped up Rocket Matter by over 60% through some hardware and software wizardry.