Sponsor: Rocket Matter with Free Evernote Book

I'd like to thank Rocket Matter for sponsoring MacSparky this week. If you want to see how service-based business will operate in the future, check out Rocket Matter, the trail-blazer in cloud-based law practice practice management. You set up an account and log in and then get back to work. You don't need to buy your own server. You don't need to install local updates. Rocket Matter does all that back-end stuff for you. They even have an iPhone app that lets you accesses and manipulate all of your data.

The folks at Rocket Matter also produced a book about using Evernote and this week they are giving it away to MacSparky readers, Go download the Lawyer's Guide to Evernote right now. There are some great tips in there useful to everyone and while you're at it, check out Rocket Matter for yourself.