Sponsor: OmniGraffle 2.1 for iOS is Now Universal

This week MacSparky is sponsored by OmniGraffle 2.1, the newly released version of The Omni Group's diagramming, wire framing, draw-anything power tool. This version ups the game in a lot of ways:

1. Universal!

Did you buy one of those big new iPhones and now wish you could run OmniGraffle on your phone? Your wish has been granted. The application not only looks good on the iPhone, The Omni Group's designers figured out how to make it usable on the smaller screen as well.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.56.57 PM.png

2. New Tools

There is a new set of tools for editing the points on a shape. You can drag existing points and add (or remove) points from an object. As a result it's easier than ever to take a pre-existing shape and bend it to your will. 

3. A Loupe

Touch the screen and your edit points magnify. This innovation makes it a lot easier to do detailed work on an iPhone and iPad screen.

4. Fill Effects and Filters

You know all those great new filters and fill effects on the Mac version of OmniGraffle? They are also now on iOS.

There's a lot more so head over to The Omni Group and check it out for yourself. Thanks to OmniGraffle, you can do advanced diagramming and graphics work on the iPad and iPhone.