Sponsor: OmniOutliner

My thanks go this week to OmniOutliner for sponsoring MacSparky.com. OmniOutliner is THE outlining application for your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I use it all the time. As an example I'm planning out a complex contract for client this week. My client is a windows user but that didn't stop me from making a gorgeous outline in OmniOutliner and sending it to him in PDF. (OmniOutliner makes this really simple.) So today we did our phone call and he gave me feedback and I updated the outline as we spoke and then sent him the new version as PDF as soon as I hung up. Now I've got exactly what I need to proceed forward and my client thinks I'm the most "with it" guy on the planet. Don't you want your clients thinking that?

With OmniOutliner it actually takes work to make an ugly outline. The application also gets all the fundamentals right with easy outline creation and modification and solid syncing between devices using Omni's own OmniPresence syncing engine. Go learn more here and let them know you heard about it here. Thanks Omni.