Sponsor: SaneBox

This week MacSparky.com is sponsored by SaneBox. I’ve been using SaneBox for years and at this point I can’t imagine email without it. There are so many great benefits to Sanebox. It filters my mail so I don’t wake up to an inbox bursting with irrelevant email. It helps me defer email and it lets me set reminders for outgoing emails. Most recently, SaneBox has added a new feature: SaneNoReplies.


It’s easy to lose track of emails you’ve sent requiring replies and forget to follow up if there was no response. To help you out, SaneBox now has an optional SaneNoReplies folder, that contains all the emails you sent over the last four weeks that were not replied to. I’ve been using this feature through its beta and occasionally looking through this new folder, I’ve already found email threads that fell through the cracks. This is a great feature and requires no effort to maintain. You can learn more on the SaneBox blog.

Because SaneBox is a cloud-based service, it works in the email client of your choice, including Apple Mail. You can learn more at SaneBox.com. Note the links in this post will get you a discount when you subscribe.