Sponsor: OmniFocus

This week MacSparky.com is sponsored by The Omni Group. I’ve frequently thought that The Omni Group is the most Apple-like application group outside of Apple. They are obsessive about making great products. I use all of their applications on a daily basis and they make my life better (and easier).

My favorite Omni Group app is OmniFocus. I’ve got many responsibilities in my life as a father, husband, lawyer, and geek. The only way I’m able to wake up in the morning and not feel completely paralyzed by the amount of work on my plate is through the powerful task management tools OmniFocus affords me. If you are feeling overwhelmed, OmniFocus might just solve your problem too.

This year the gang at the Omni Group has been busy turning OmniFocus for iOS into a universal application that looks great on your iPad an iPhone. They've also shipped an update that supports the Apple Watch and I'm already finding it to be one of my favorite watch glances. You can lead a complicated life and not be a flake with a little help from OmniFocus. Learn more at the Omni Group.