Sponsor: OmniOutliner

I’d like to thank The Omni Group for sponsoring MacSparky.com this week. The Omni Group is a remarkable company. It is a group of extremely talented people all working hard at the goal of making the best possible Mac and iOS software. With their emphasis on gorgeous and functional productivity software, they’ve succeeded.

This week I'm featuring OmniOutliner. Often people will throw information at me in a jumbled mess. When that happens, there simply is no better tool than OmniOutliner for bringing order to chaos. Using OmniOutliner, I can quickly sort and organize information. OmniOutliner doesn’t just reference words but attachments too including links, images, sound files, and movies. The app even has the ability to record audio while you outline. I wish I'd had this when I was back in school. I love that I have it now.

OmniOutliner also can output its file to PDF so once you get your outline sorted out and make it look beautiful, send it to your clients and co-workers in a format anyone can read. Some of my best collaboration projects start out in OmniOutliner. 

OmniOutliner isn't just on the Mac. It's also on iOS and the mobile version brings all this same goodness to the iPhone and iPad. You can share your outline across all your Apple devices using the Omni Group's very own OmniPresence syncing service. A good outliner can make your work product better and this is the best outliner available on the Mac and iPad. Go check it out.