Sponsor: SaneBox

This week MacSparky is sponsored by SaneBox. This only seems appropriate since over the last few days I’ve received multiple emails from MacSparky readers thanking me for the reference to SaneBox. Managing your email is harder than ever and SaneBox can make a big difference. SaneBox is a series of web-based tools that will help manage your email while you’re off doing other things.

SaneBox will filter your email for you, separating them more important from the less important. Imagine waking up to find your inbox with just six important emails instead of 150 emails with six important emails hidden inside them. SaneBox can also defer your email so if you get something that needs to wait a few days, you can defer it and it will disappear from your inbox until the designated date and time.

SaneBox can also keep track of the replies to your email so if you have an important email that doesn’t receive a reply, SaneBox will remind you. This is just a few of the many features you get with the service. I honestly don’t know how I get by without it. Learn more at SaneBox.com. Get $5 off with the links in this post. Trust me, this one can change your game.