Sponsor: Working Copy

This week I’m pleased to welcome as a new sponsor Working Copy (Website)(App Store), a Git client for iOS. A lot of people think Git is something you can only do on a Mac or from the command line. Those people are wrong. Working Copy was made to complement existing workflows rather than replace them. Git is a great system for keeping projects in sync between computers and adding iOS to the mix opens up many possibilities with no extra friction.

With access to your Git data from your iPad and iPhone, the possibilities really open up. Many Working Copy users do small edits on their iPhone or iPad. Others use it to do code review or investigate a codebase during their commute. Having Git repositories and all the files inside them available everywhere, also opens up when Git is a good choice as a storage/sync solution as a alternative to Dropbox.

Working Copy is also an iOS good citizen and supports the document-picker and share extensions which lets other applications edit inside repositories. It support x-callback-url for controlling the application from other apps and it bundles a WebDAV server for applications such as Coda and Transmit.

Working Copy’s text editor has syntax highlighting for 35 languages and can preview HTML files referencing images, scripts and stylesheets from within the repository. This includes a Javascript console for error messages letting you jump directly to the point in a file where errors occur.

Even compared to Mac Git clients, Working Copy’s features are quite powerful. The built-in diff viewer works for both text and images. It supports full branching and merging, multiple remotes on each repository and a commit graph with search capabilities. It supports the REST APIs of several cloud Git hosting providers to make repository cloning and creation easier.

If you spend any time in Git on your Mac or PC, you need Working Copy on your iPad and iPhone.