Sponsor: OmniFocus

This week I’m pleased to welcome back OmniFocus as the MacSparky.com sponsor. I always giggle a little bit when people talk to me about their “to do” apps. OmniFocus is just so much more than a “to do” manager. The application lets you track projects with powerful tools like review and context tracking. OmniFocus makes it wicked simple to capture tasks as you think of them so nothing falls to the cracks. Because it’s on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, I’m never without it. Looking back, the only times I managed to drop things are when I didn’t track them in OmniFocus.

Moreover, the gang at the Omni Group doesn’t seem to sleep. They are always coming out with new features. Very recently, OmniFocus for Mac got styles. It ships with a dark and light style but you can create your own as well. Just yesterday, they announced a mechanism to create project templates on the iPad for your OmniFocus database. It’s still in beta but will be released soon and you can trust me that I will be covering it when it does.

OmniFocus makes a difference in what I actually ship and for that I will always be grateful. Give it a try and let it make a difference for you as well.