Sponsor: Track Your Time Automatically with Timing

My thanks to Timing for sponsoring MacSparky this week.

Have you ever spent all day in front of your Mac, just to wonder where the heck all that time went?

Or tried to bill a client, but couldn’t reconstruct how many hours you spent working for them?

You could use a time tracker.

But to be honest, manual time tracking sucks.

You have to start and stop timers, enter what you did, and so on.

And if you forget that, you are back to square one.

This is where Timing comes in. Instead of making you do all the work, Timing automatically tracks how you spend your time. It logs which apps you use, which websites you visit, and which documents you edit. You can easily categorize activities into projects.


Also, your data is not uploaded to anyone’s server. It stays safe on your Mac at all times.

Still not convinced? Download the free trial now and on Friday review all the gory details of what you did this week. But don’t blame the Timing team when you see all those hours wasted on Facebook and elsewhere…

I bought this app a few months ago and I've been running it. I actually find the data quite useful not only for tracking how much time I spent in Microsoft Word on a contract but also how much time I burned in Twitter. It's good feedback and because Timing is a local app, it's for your eyes only.

You can purchase a copy via the Mac App Store or from their website at timingapp.com. The app is $29, but if you buy direct with coupon code MACSPARKY, you can save 20% this week - that already pays for itself by recovering just half an hour of unproductive or unbilled time! (And the Timing team promise you will save much more time than that!)