Sponsor – OmniGraffle

This week MacSparky is sponsored by OmniGraffle. I recently gave a presentation on, of all things, how to give a presentation. I had a few simple diagrams to illustrate my points. After the talk finished, I had several questions about my graphics. One participant asked me , “How do you find graphics that so perfectly match your points?” When I told her that I make them myself, her eyes glazed over a bit. In truth, they shouldn’t have. Anybody can make great diagrams and graphics with OmniGraffle.

OmniGraffle applies the Omni Group’s obsession for superior software engineering and design to the problem of creating diagrams and graphics. Traditionally, graphic software has been indecipherable to mere mortals without first taking a 10-day course and reading a 300 page user manual. OmniGraffle is not like that. It took me about an hour to get good enough at OmniGraffle to make custom graphics for myself. Those graphics are littered all over my books, trial exhibits, videos, and even this website. If you’ve ever had need to make your own graphics, stop goofing off and get yourself into OmniGraffle.

This is an excellent time to do so. They are getting ready to release version 7 and right now it is in a public test. That means you get an extended trial of the new version. If you’re feeling intimidated, watch a few product videos first, but either way take OmniGraffle for spin today and find out for yourself how empowering it can be to make your own graphics and diagrams.