Sponsor: SaneBox

I’d like to thank SaneBox for sponsoring MacSparky.com this week. Connecting SaneBox to your email account is like giving it super-powers. SaneBox adds a host of additional features to any email account and works with exchange, Google mail, or IMAP accounts. Because it’s all server-based, you can get the benefits of SaneBox no matter which email clients you use.

There is a lot you can do with SaneBox to tame your email. One of my favorite features is SaneVacation. The SaneBox vacation filter is something you can turn on when you go on vacation. Then SaneBox snoozes your emails until you return. When you turn it off, SaneBox does its usual bang-up job of putting your email where it belongs

Learn more about all of the features of SaneBox over at SaneBox.com. If you sign up using the links in this post, you get $10 off. If email is giving you trouble, give SaneBox a try. You won’t regret it.