Sponsor: PopClip for Mac

This week I'm pleased to welcome a new sponsor to MacSparky.com, PopClip. Do you know how when you select text on your iPhone or iPad that handy little menu pops up to let you perform actions on that text? PopClip brings this to the Mac, only better.

Not only can you use the the built-in PopClip tools, there is an extension system and lots of smart people have built clever little extensions I use every day. For example, using PopClip I can select a phone number on screen and display it in large type or, better yet, dial it for my iPhone. I also use extensions to convert text to all caps and paste and match style in Pages. PopClip also gives me a word count for selected text, searches Google, Wikipedia (and more). Go check out this list of extensions and you'll realize how this app can help you out with your own workflows. One of my favorite extensions takes selected text and turns it into a TextExpander snippet.

There is a free trial so go check it out now. PopClip is one of my favorite utilities and, after trying it, I bet it will be one of your favorites too.