The OmniFocus Video Field Guide

Version 1.1 - Released July 31, 2016

The OmniFocus Video Field Guide is a screencast, not a book. A lot of people have asked me to write a book about OmniFocus but instead I made this 2.5 hour video that takes you, soup to nuts, through the Omni Group's supremely bad-ass task manager. The screencast can turn an OmniFocus novice into a task-managing ninja.

Topics Include:

1. OmniFocus Overview

Learn a little about the history of task managers on the Mac and how OmniFocus has evolved to its most recent version 2. Also learn how to download and install the apps and a basic overview of how the apps work on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This section also demonstrates how to set up the OmniSync Service and provides an overview of how to manage tasks using, largely, GTD techniques.

2. Capture

Emptying your brain into your task manager should be fast and efficient. OmniFocus is both. In this section, you'll learn how to quickly capture tasks into your iPhone, iPad, and Mac using a variety of tools ranging from super advanced software to a pencil and paper.

3. Process

This is the meat and potatoes of OmniFocus. This section teaches you how to set up projects and contexts along with their different types and flavors. There is also and extensive explanation of defer and due dates and full tutorials on how you can use OmniFocus to put these tool to use. This section also demonstrates the sane use of flags and how to set repeating tasks.

There is also an extensive demonstration of OmniFocus perspectives. Understanding how the built-in perspectives work (and how to roll your own) will make all the difference in your OmniFocus ninja-hood. This portion of the video walks you through, step-by-step. Once you figure out custom perspectives, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them. This section also explains how to use the OmniFocus Forecast feature to get ahead of the curve and plan your days out into the future. 

4. Action

Next you'll learn about how to crank through your days and complete your tasks. This section also has practical advice about how to make sure you spend your time completing tasks and not fiddling with OmniFocus. This section also explains how to enable OmniFocus notifications and the best practices for using them. Once you've got process sorted, action will be where you get things done and it will feel great. 

5. Review

Adding a regular review practice to your tasks can make a huge difference in your productivity (and sanity). OmniFocus supports this and this section teaches you how along with some common sense tips for everyday use.

6. More Omnifocus Tricks

There is even more to OmniFocus. This section includes a detailed explanation of application settings, how to use TextExpander to capture tasks even faster, and … gasp … project template, automation and URL schemes. This sounds intimidating but anyone can do it. This walks you through every step.

The screencast is over three hours and full of awesome. You can download it for $19.99.