TextExpander Signature Redux
TextExpander Signature Redux TextExpander for your signature on mail that requires you to lick a stamp. textexpander
Text Expander E-Mail Signature Mojo
-mail signature looked like this: Teri's question was whether, using TextExpander, she could put a link my final product. Thanks to the gang at SmileOnMyMac for helping me sort this out and for their continuing effort on TextExpander. textexpander asking about how to make clickable links using TextExpander for an e-mail signature. I have been
TextExpander Bumps to 2.2
, TextExpander is still one of my all time favorite applications on the Mac. Lets hope they figure a way to put TextExpander Bumps to 2.2 SmileOnMyMac has been putting in overtime on TextExpander lately. They released version 2.1 textexpander
Text Expander Releases Version 2.1
Automatically Add Recipient's Name to Email with TextExpander
I occasionally have need of a TextExpander snippet to automatically add the first name of an email into a TextExpander snippet designated AppleScript. It looks like this. Typing "xnm" in an email will insert the recipient's first name. You can combine them with additional snippets in TextExpander Automatically Add Recipient's Name to Email with TextExpander textexpander
TextExpander Script for Recipient's Name in Outlook
TextExpander Script for Recipient's Name in Outlook textexpander
TextExpander for Mac Version 5
in TextExpander. If you are already a pro, just watch the "What's New" video below. TextExpander for Mac Version 5 Today Smile Released TextExpander for Mac, Version 5. The new version has some great new features textexpander
TextExpander Pricing Adjustments
TextExpander Pricing Adjustments TextExpander.com. I was actually okay with the new pricing. That isn't because they paid me to keeping a separate build that does not sync through TextExpander.com for those who prefer to put their snippets in iCloud or Dropbox. Last week TextExpander announced its conversion to a subscription model and storage of snippets at textexpander
TextExpander Signature Line Snippet
automate this with TextExpander. Here is my new snippet The first bit: Dated: %B __, %Y TextExpander Signature Line Snippet textexpander
TextExpander for Mac 50% Off
TextExpander for Mac 50% Off My beloved TextExpander is 50% today at StackSocial. TextExpander is my most frequently used idea what you can do with this application? Take a look at my TextExpander snippets. textexpander
Pasting Plain Text with TextExpander
Pasting Plain Text with TextExpander option to paste as plain text. TextExpander to the rescue. This is perhaps the easiest snippet I've textexpander
TextExpander Touch 2.5
TextExpander Touch 2.5 I use TextExpander often on both the Mac and iOS. The new URL callback method for sharing snippet groups to apps has been working fine and I'm happy to see Smile giving TextExpander even more love Yesterday Smile released TextExpander Touch version 2.5 for iOS. This free update includes a new textexpander
Throwaway TextExpander Snippet Tips
Throwaway TextExpander Snippet Tips , that’s usually done in TextExpander. For example, a few weeks ago I had to ask a series of repeated made the snippet with TextExpander’s clipboard function for the X. (Did you know TextExpander will was completely useless and went into the TextExpander dust heap but for a little while, it was my moon and my stars. Speaking of TextExpander, did you know I have a whole page of downloadable snippets? times in a single TextExpander snippet. To do so, simply copy and paste the snippet syntax (e.g textexpander
TE Snippets: Foreign Thanks
download the current iteration of this library below. For more TextExpander snippets, clicky here. Download Foreign Thanks I'm starting a new series where I'm going to feature some of my favorite TextExpander snippets. If you don't know about TextExpander, shame on you. It is a fantastic application that lets you quickly and can make you look both smart and fast. Also, if you've got an interesting TextExpander library textexpander
TE Snippets: Foreign Thanks 1.1
Text Expander Snippets: Date and Time
Here is another group of my TextExpander snippets. My date snippets fall in a few categories : Shortcuts Why type August when "xm8" is faster? Date Math I don't remember when TextExpander added this textexpander
TextExpander touch Snippet Winners
Last week Smile released version 2.0 of TextExpander touch, which I really dig. Yesterday Smile this clever video. TextExpander touch 2.0 from David Sparks on Vimeo. Touch Are you still waiting to check out TextExpander touch 2.0? Shame on you. You should be watching modality):2 (Profound loss)% 5. The Moxy Award… … goes to Barry for this. NTET = Need TextExpander TextExpander touch Snippet Winners textexpander
TextExpander touch 2.0
screencast showing off the new version. Enjoy. TextExpander touch 2.0 from David Sparks on Vimeo. TextExpander touch 2.0 The new version of TextExpander touch is now available for download and it's fabulous. The big new textexpander
TextExpander Snippets, Foreign Thanks 1.2
TextExpander Snippets, Foreign Thanks 1.2 I've updated the foreign thanks TextExpander snippets to Version 1.2. Now I've got even more textexpander
Taking Better Meeting Notes with TextExpander
Taking Better Meeting Notes with TextExpander sits in on a lot of meetings and talked about how he uses TextExpander snippets and Drafts to speed textexpander
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