About David Sparks

Hi, I’m David.

I’ve been a nerd my entire life. The first computer I learned to program was a Radio Shack Color Computer. I didn’t actually own it but I rode my Schwinn ten-speed to the local Radio Shack (daily) and I spent about 4 hours a day programming the computer on the store floor. Then the Radio Shack employees would have me show how it all worked to customers. Like I said, nerd since birth.

Eventually, I found my way to the Apple II, and then the Mac and it was love at first sight. I’ve been using Apple products for as long as there have been Apple Products.

In a world where technology is increasingly conspiring to steal our focus and attention, my goal is to teach you how to be more productive with Apple technology. I want to help you achieve what is most important to you and enjoy your life at the same time using technology instead of becoming another one of its victims. Pretty much everything I make points at that North Star. I believe in this message so much that I’ve staked my livelihood on it.

So what do I make? A lot of things.

This Website

This is where I write about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done.

The Mac Power Users Podcast

Published weekly since 2007, MPU is all about getting more out of your Apple Technology.

The Focused Podcast

Mike Schmitz and I cover how to stay focused in a distraction-filled world.

The Automators Podcast

Rosemary Orchard and I dive deep on making automation do your bidding for you.

The MacSparky Field Guides

I used to write books about technology. Now I make highly detailed, hours-long instructional guides about pieces of the Apple + Productivity Technology stack.

The MacSparky Newsletter

I publish a regular newsletter with new content about Apple gear and productivity. Additionally, I can keep you up to date with new content in the MacSparky-verse. Why not sign up?

Personal Coaching

I do have a “Personal Operating System” coaching plan that I run with a very select number of people. If you are interested, let me know.

Want to follow me on social media? I’m @macsparky on Mastedon (macsparky@mastodon.social)and Instagram. I have a Twitter account but I’m not on there often.


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Get to me. I enjoy hearing from readers and listeners. Indeed, it warms the cockles of my heart. However, I am a lousy correspondent and for that I am sorry. I do sometimes reply, but not always.

For instance, if I write and say “Thanks”, then you reply and say “Thanks for saying thanks”, then I most likely will not reply and say “Thanks for saying thanks to my thanks”, because if I did that, it would require you to reply “Thanks for saying thanks to my thanks for your thanks” and that, of course, would trigger an implosion of the entire universe.

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