MacSparky Field Guides

The MacSparky Field Guides are a series of high-quality, tech-savvy video courses and ebooks about getting more out of technology. Each of the Field Guides receives free occasional updates as new workflows and technologies become available for at least two years following their initial publication date. I love making them. I hope you love watching and reading them.

The MacSparky Field Guides Wall of Love

Productivity Field Guide

I ship. A lot. This has prompted lots of people to ask me how I do that. For me the answer is a productivity system based on the wisdom of ancient philosophy combined with modern productivity techniques. The Productivity Field Guide explains the process and helps you build your own. There is a Standard Version that has a 5-hour course and 100+ page book, and a Plus Version that has all of that plus a 12+ part webinar series and community board. I’m very proud of the number of people that this course has helped.

Obsidian Field Guide

Obsidian is a remarkably powerful notes app with a steep learning curve. The Obsidian Field Guide can take anyone with any experience level get them up and running with Obsidian. This course is 6 hours with the Standard Version. With the Plus version you get an additional 10 hours of Obsidian power user interviews, additional content from me, and question-and-answer sessions.

Shortcuts for Mac

When Apple brought Shortcuts to the Mac, they explained it is the “future of automation on the Mac”. Everything they’ve done since launching Shortcuts for the Mac validates it. This course is 8.5 hours and gets you Automating like never before. There are two versions of this course. The Standard Version and the Plus Version, which also gets you an additional webinar series on Shortcuts.

DEVONthink Field Guide Cover

DEVONthink Field Guide

The DEVONthink Field Guide teaches you, soup to nuts, how take advantage of one of the most powerful research / artificial intelligence / do-anything-with-your-files apps available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. With 8.5 hours of content, the course starts from zero and, by the end, turns you into a DEVONthink pro. The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike, with a thorough explanation of DEVONthink and all its features.

Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s Shortcuts is the best way to automate using your iPhone and iPad. This field guide takes you from beginner to expert at a nice pace. With Shortcuts, anyone can automate.

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Shortcuts for iPhone Field Guide Cover
Keyboard Maestro Field Guide Cover

Keyboard Maestro Field Guide

Keyboard Maestro is one of the most powerful automation tools available for the Mac. With it you can make your Mac do nearly anything. The trouble is the sharp learning curve. This Field Guide takes care of that for you.

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Paperless Field Guide

Get rid of all that paper in your life. Digital tools for document management are better in every possible way. You just need a workflow. Here you go.

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Paperess Field Guide Cover
Haze Field Guide Cover

Hazel Field Guide

Hazel is the Mac file automation tool that Windows users can only wish they had. With Hazel all your documents and files can sort, rename, and organize themselves.

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OmniFocus Field Guide

OmniFocus is the most thoughtful task manager on the market. This Field Guide explains how to use and setup OmniFocus so you can get on with the important work on making things you love.

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Photos Field Guide Cover

Photos Field Guide

Apple Photos gives you an entire ecosystem to shoot, edit, store, and find your best Photos and Videos. This Field Guide shows you all the tricks.

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60 Mac Tips

Brett Terpstra and I started collecting and screencasting some of our favorite tricks to make a Mac sing for us. Here they are.

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Most presentations are terrible. That, however, does not need to be the case for your presentations. Author David Sparks, a trial attorney and seasoned technology speaker, explains how to create your own exceptional presentation.

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Email is relentless and, at times, overwhelming. Learn how email works so you can fight back. This book includes an explanation of underlying email technologies, best practices, and recommendations for the best software and services to help you conquer email.

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Markdown Field Guide Cover


Markdown is a style of writing that makes it quick and easy to include hyperlinks, format your text, and publish to the web without a lot of headaches. This book takes you from zero knowledge to Markdown Pro.

About the Markdown Field Guide

Fantastical Field Guide

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Drafts Field Guide Cover

Drafts Field Guide

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Gift Wrap Field Guide

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