Take Your Business Out Of The Dark With Daylite (Sponsor)

For small businesses, it can be difficult to stay on top of clients, leads, and projects that are evolving every day. Here’s how Daylite can help supercharge your team to shine brighter, handle more clients, close more deals, and execute more projects. Designed for Mac, iPhone, and iPad exclusively. 

Daylite empowers small businesses by improving team efficiency and making collaboration easy—everything is organized, searchable, and accessible (even offline). You can easily access information and segment data tailored to your specific client’s history. You can manage and share everyone’s schedules, project status, and next steps. 

Seamless Apple Integration 

Daylite is the only Mac CRM and productivity app that integrates with Apple devices and most of the built-in Apple apps and features, like direct Apple Mail integration. You and your team can capture all email communication in one place and create opportunities, appointments, and tasks right from Apple Mail. 


Its linking capability is what makes Daylite shine. You can link emails, notes, tasks, projects, appointments, and other records to existing contacts in Daylite. This enables teams to quickly and clearly view an organization’s structure and access the information they need in a unique way. 

CRM + Project Management 

Daylite’s productivity-focused design helps you and your team get more done throughout the full customer lifecycle. From meeting prospects and winning business to managing the moving pieces on projects, all the way through to following up on referrals and repeat business, it’s all done in Daylite.
If you live by the mac, you’ll love Daylite. Start your free 30-day Daylite trial today!


The CHIPS Act is now law, injecting $52B into domestic chip production. Increasing US-based chip production is a swell idea. I wonder, however, if this act will actually accomplish that. I don’t write that trying to be clever. Building a domestic chip ecosystem is both important and extremely complex. Throwing some money at it may be a good start, but it is going to take more than that.

Mac Power Users 52: Where Does the iPad Fit?

Apple refers to the iPad as a magical pane of glass that becomes whatever you need of it. On this week’s Mac Power Users, Stephen and I discuss some apps and accessories that help the iPad reach that potential

This episode of Mac Power Users is sponsored by:

  • 1Password: Have you ever forgotten a password? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. 
  • Electric: Unbury yourself from IT tasks. Get a free pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones when you schedule a meeting.
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  • Sourcegraph: Universal Code Search. Move fast, even in big codebases. Try it now.

To Help A Teacher

I haven’t said much lately about my oldest daughter, Samantha, but I’m immensely proud of her. In the last few months she completed her Masters in Education program and now is now about to launch her career as a high school teacher. She’ll be teaching Art and Art History at Hollywood High School. (Yup, that Hollywood.) The school hasn’t had an art/art history program in years, and she is building the program from the ground up. Those kids are going to be lucky to have Sam as their teacher.

One of the facts of life here in California is that most teachers buy a lot of their own supplies. Sam is starting from scratch, so we’ll be helping her gear up. If you feel generous and want to help a teacher, you can check out her classroom wish list here.

OmniFocus Voice Control Tutorial with Sal Soghoian (MacSparky Labs)

This month’s Friends of Dave interview is a special one. Sal Soghian (formerly with Apple, now working with the Omni Group) spent an hour with me doing a walk-through on how to set up and start using the new Javascript-based voice automation in OmniFocus. Sal has, in essence, created an entirely new user interface for OmniFocus, letting you fully control the app with your voice. Moreover, you can add your own custom commands. In this video, I share my screen and Sal walks me through the entire setup process. Watch this video with the current version of OmniFocus installed on your Mac and you’ll be voice-controlling within the hour…

This is a post for MacSparky Labs Tier 2 (Backstage) and Tier 3 (Early Access) Members only. Care to join? Or perhaps do you need to sign in?

Unleash Your Creativity with DEVONthink (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by DEVONthink, the app that organizes and tracks your data for you. I use DEVONthink for all of my research and record-keeping workflows. DEVONthink has all the tools: auto-sort, artificial intelligence-based search, automatic OCR, the works.

Since releasing the DEVONthink Field Guide I’ve heard from so many people that rely on DEVONthink. To name a few:

  • I heard from a high school student that tracks all her class work in subject-based DEVONthink databases. (That would also work for college.)
  • I heard from a pH.d student writing his thesis with DEVONthink.
  • I heard from a listener that builds plastic models of WWII aircraft. He researches every plane before a build and uses DEVONthink to store his growing database.
  • Stephen Hackett, our too-young but too-smart Apple historian has gigabytes of Apple data in his DEVONthink database.

These are just a few. If you have need of tracking, sorting, organizing, or searching data, DEVONthink that do that job better for you than anything else. Check it out today.