The Big Question About Apple Intelligence

Since Apple unveiled its vision for artificial intelligence at WWDC, there have been numerous announcements and rumors about releasing different components of Apple Intelligence. The most recent update suggests that the all-new Siri won’t be available in beta until January of next year, with a general public release in Spring. While in recent years Apple has not hesitated to announce features that won’t ship with the initial release of a new operating system, Apple Intelligence takes it to a new level.

I don’t find fault with the delay, though. Even though it seems that Apple would have preferred to wait another year on these features, I believe that if the delay is necessary to get it right, it’s worth waiting for.

The big question about all the Apple Intelligence elements is not “When do we get them?” but “Do they work”? Significant market pressures forced Apple to explain its AI position, and now it has. I generally agree with the thinking behind Apple Intelligence, and if it works as promised, it will be very impressive.

In a few years, people will not remember exactly when the various Apple Intelligence components were released. However, they will remember whether or not they worked.

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Zombie TUAW

This week, Jason Snell wrote about someone getting the IP for the now-retired Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). It’s sad to see something that was once so beloved now zombified. In the age of AI, I expect this won’t be the last instance of these shenanigans we see.