Friends of Dave with Kaitlin Salzke (MacSparky Labs)

It’s time for the latest Friends of Dave interview in the MacSparky Labs. In this one, I talk with Kaitlin Salzke about OmniFocus automation. Kaitlin is wicked smart and neck deep in the OmniFocus automation tools…

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Where are the Passkeys?

With Apple’s latest round of updates, we’ve got a new password feature that lets your computer manage passwords for you in the background. There are a lot of advantages to this new “Passkey” system. (Here’s Apple’s explainer.) It isn’t dependent on user-generated passwords. It’ll guarantee people use different passwords for different sites. It will also help you avoid phishing attacks because it won’t work on spoofed websites. This comes at the cost of some loss of control, but third parties are already working on that (like 1Password in this video). 

I’m curious, however, as to when Passkey websites will start showing up. So far, I’ve seen none. For this to work, websites must adopt some new backend technologies, and everyone is now waiting for that to happen. Are website developers untrusting of the new technology? Do they want to see others figure it out first? Do they need the budget for these changes? I expect it is all of the above. I’ve been asking about it for with some of my platform providers, and I’m told to cool my jets. I sure hope this all gets sorted out. It will help web security for a lot of people once it gets rolling.

Mac Power Users 668: Workflows with Tim Stringer

OmniFocus expert Tim Stringer drops by Mac Power Users to catch Stephen and me up on his businesses, his use of multiple Macs, and how OmniFocus 4 is shaping up while in beta.

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Introducing MacSparky Labs Focus Sessions (MacSparky Labs)

I’m adding a new feature to The MacSparky Labs for Early Access and Backstage Members that I’m calling Focus Sessions. The idea is to set aside time when we can all meet on Zoom to get something important done…

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Let’s Build a Shortcut – Craft to Notes Importer (MacSparky Labs)

Here’s a simple Shortcut build to move notes between apps. In this case, Craft to Apple Notes. I added an “If” statement for a degree of difficulty and to further simplify the script as it runs. If you’ve ever had trouble with “If” statements in Shortcuts, this is a nice, easy example…

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Fantastical Black Friday Sale

Flexibits, makers of Fantastical and Cardhop, for the first time ever, are having a sale on their subscriptions. From now until November 30, you can get 50% off an annual subscription or 50% off your first month of a monthly subscription!

I like Fantastical so much that I’ve produced videos about it. Having a power-user calendar app can really help you up your game. Purchases need to be made through directly to get the discount.