Contextual Spaces and Window Management Tricks (MacSparky Labs)

Here’s a walkthrough on how I’m using Spaces these days. I like to keep different contexts in different spaces. For example, all of my communications apps are in one Space so I only see those when I actually want to work on communications. Either way, here are my thoughts on context-based spaces and a bunch of tricks to manipulate Spaces and window location using some clever BetterTouchTool scripts.

Chapter Markers
0:00 Introduction 
0:14 Sparky’s Spaces Strategy
1:13 Moving between spaces
2:14 Moving Apps Between Spaces with BTT
3:50 Jump to a Specific Space with BTT
5:22 Move window to a Specific Space with BTT
6:26 Advice and Conclusion

Geek Meter (1-3)
Level 2
This isn’t hard once you wrap your head around the idea of contextual spaces. The script writing bits are trivial in BetterTouchTool and this video shows you how to build them yourself.