My Treo iPhone

Treo iPHone

Well as the cool-aid logo implies, I do like my Apple gadgets. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not one of the gadgets I’ll be able to use. My office is on Verizon and my office calendar system will only sync with Pocket PC or the Palm OS (for now at least). So it appears I am out of the running for that tempting iPhone.

But of course technolust can breed a bit of creativity. I did a search at PalmGear for OS X and found a few apps that make my Treo “almost” feel like an iPhone. There are a variety of launchers and other fancy pants add ons but the two that I ended up using are Font Smoother and Icons Plus. Using these two apps I have been able to set my Palm system font to the Mac Lucida Font (or something Very close) and I’ve replaced the blocky Palm icons with the OS X set. For instance, Snapper mail now has an Apple Mail icon.

Now granted these cheap parlor tricks don’t give me the functionality or user experience of an iPhone, (Don’t EVER try to surf the web on a Treo BTW) but still it makes me smile and when I show it to other geeks they freak out a bit which is entertainment in its own right.

By the way, does anyone else wish Apple will make an iPhone without the phone? Kind of a souped up iPod with all those nice tricks and perhaps a WiFi receiver to surf the web when in range? If they do, sign me up!

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