Save Fake Steve Jobs!


I’m sure many of you have read The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs where fake Steve rambles on about a litany of subjects, a few of which relate to Apple. In addition to being very humorous, the writing is very smart. I discovered it awhile back and now it is on my very short RSS list. I like fake Steve because he pokes fun at all things holy for just about everyone including Apple fans such as myself. I like it the same way I like the Mac/PC commercials and life is just too darn short not to have a few giggles every day.

Well, recently some scoundrels have been trying to unearth the true identity of fake Steve and I must say I am very much against this. I don’t want to know who fake Steve is because in so many ways he is the real Steve in my life. He shares his thoughts, entertains, and occasionally disturbs me which is all good. Besides, the true identity doesn’t nearly matter as much as the value of the myth. Doesn’t anyone read Joseph Campbell anymore?

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